About Us

Tech Avant-Garde (TAG) is a technology services organization which focuses on “Product Fostering ” which means Development, Nurturing and Promoting of the software products.

To enhance customer support and user experience, we have innovated an App based “Help Desk called TAG ” which is accessible to the user from anywhere, any place and on any device.

Being a socially conscious organization, we have taken the cause of “women empowerment ” in the digital age, we train and employ women at our residential complexes called “Navy Campuses ”.

In these campuses we provide boarding, lodging and continuum training, on software development and Help Desk management.


  • To establish a world class Software Consulting, Design and Development facility, which will help people develop innovative, creative and quality software products.

  • To carry out Life Cycle maintenance of software products.

  • To create an App based Help Desk to support clients on the software products.

  • To training and certify manpower who will deliver quality support.

  • To empower women in the digital age.

  • To place quality manpower for support in client locations.

  • To create infrastructure for online sales and marketing of Software products.

  • To bridge the gap between Technicality and User-friendliness.


“A commitment to innovation and excellence
is the essence of existence;
it gives both purpose and meaning.”


Our vision is two fold
software Product fostering ” and “Women Empowerment
we empower woman by training and employing them,
so that they could become a formidable workforce in the digital age.

Key To Success

  • We deliver Software Products using State-of-the-art technology which are also Cloud enabled.

  • Apps which could be used on multiple platforms and on multiple device.

  • We take the responsibility of Software Life Cycle maintenance.

  • Implementation and Support of Software Products using App based HELP DESK.

  • Well trained and deploy high quality manpower for implementation and support.

  • We Sale and Market Software Products.

All the above qualities make us unique and highly competitive in the market place.

Products And Services


Tech Avant-Garde has decided to adopt a holistic approach towards support and problem solving. We have developed an App based Help Desk called TAG. If the user downloads this App, they will be connected to our help desk perpetually. The moment they face any problem, they can click on the TAG App to get connected to our support personal for problem solving. The TAG App has multiple interactions such as chat, voice call, video call or a desk top sharing session for problem solving.


Our Expertise lies in development testing, documentation and versioning of application software and managing the Life Cycle of the product.

We develop Rich Client, Web, Cloud, Mobile and Tablet based applications, on windows, IOS or on Android platforms.


We have developed high level of expertise in IT Infrastructure Management i.e. we maintain on-premise Servers, System Software, Databases, Web and Cloud based applications. We undertake assignments with medium and large enterprises for maintenance of:

• Windows based on premise servers.
• Networks, Firewalls SSL certificates.
• Mail servers, Database Servers and application servers.
• Web based infrastructure maintenance.
• Implementation of cloud based application on Azure and Lycce cloud


The Enterprise Customers such as the educational institutions, universities and corporates would require onsite staff to support ERP software or to maintain their hardware and software Infrastructure. We train, place and manage support staff for these customers to ensure trouble free deployment and maintenance.

Online Sales and Marketing

We Market and Sell the Software Products through our digital sales and marketing arm. For each product, research is conducted by our team of business analysts to check the market potential, competition and USP. Then a Go To Market plan (GTM) is prepared and executed.

Domain Expertise

Tech Avant-Garde has a good domain knowledge on the education segment, we support Education ERP and we manage IT infrastructure for the education institution, institutions may vary from K12 schools to higher education colleges. We supports home users who are using the Connected Learning Solution provided by the education institutions.

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